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ZuGuZu is a B2C marketplace that connects independent janitorial service providers, building maintenance/repair services, and general contractors with potential commercial/residential clients.


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Welcome to ZuGuZu, the leading B2C platform for janitorial/maintenance services for both professionals and consumers!

While pretty much every business engages some sort of cleaning services, quality B2C janitorial/maintenance contracts are generally hard to come by, especially when they involve substantial costs. An average lead generating company is very expensive, and not in the best interest of the contractor or consumer. What's even worse? The leads provided are often not reliable or of high quality.

ZuGuZu has come up with a solution for this!

Now, independent janitorial/maintenance contractors can bid for new contract opportunities with costs as low as $1. Our low price eliminates inconvenient lead generating companies, and middlemen who profit at the expense of both consumers and contractors. ZuGuZu empowers both contractors and consumers to choose from the best options in the market.

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